Campbell & Associates Fee Schedule

Ofc: 954-476-5085 Fax: 954-476-5079 Email:

Commercial Appraisals Form: $1,000-$2,500 Summary: $1,500-$3,000   (1-3 weeks t/a time)

All of south Florida           Self-Cont. Narrative $2,500 & up Call for Quote (10-45 days t/a time)


Single Family/Pud, or Condo

URAR form or Condo form (Basic)                                                 $325.

Includes Interior Photos Lender Requiring Supervisory inspection, add $40 Interior


Higher end, gated, waterfront, difficult/extra time or liability

($400k to 2.5mil)                                      $375 & Up


FHA, URAR/Single Fam & Condo, 4-pg VCs (addl charge for multifamly)                           $400


Drive-By, 2055, 2075

Without interior inspection/appointment        $235               


2055 Interior/Exterior,

(Appt is made, interior photos provided)     $285


SRIP, 2-4 unit, Includes all forms you need

Income Stm, Listings, Rentals                      $550


ERC Form Relocation Appraisals (Trending, listings, etc)   



Field Review Basic, URAR, Condo & 2055 (New form) New Comps extra        



Desk Review Basic, for URAR, Condo & 2055 New Comps extra     



REO/Foreclosures, depending on repair estimates necessary, etc. 

                                                                $350 & up


Income Forms: Operating Income Statement (for investor/rental home/condo) 


Single Family Rent Schedule/Comparison (as above)              $100


Discount if ordered With appraisal, Together, package price   $150


Construction Draw Inspection, Final/Completion  

 Inspec/Sec.Bars                                 $ 75/visit


Extra Comparables (appraisal w/in guidelines U/Wr requests more sales)                                                                                $ 25 - $100


Re-certify or Update, 60-90 days, Letter format    

                                                              $ 75

Update Appraisal, 90 Days & up, Updated comparables, on Recert Form                                                     $175

New Appraisal after 6 months, with re-inspection & new comps        Regular price, see above

RUSH FEE T/A Under 3 Business days Under 1 week for SRIP & Relo                                                                                   $50-100     


Normal turnaround is 2-4 work days after inspection for URAR/Condo/2055 4 -7 days SRIP, Relocation & REO/Difficult/Unusual & Investor Properties Desk Review 2-3 work days  -  Field Review 2-4 Business days  -  These times may occasionally vary, in times of unusual workload All depend on access to property, which is often beyond our control more contact info is better. J

We use digital cameras & advanced technology, including E-mail delivery of appraisals (pdf)

Our terms are prior to inspection, brokers, investors, homeowners & agents. If you collect our fee, please fax the ck with makers D/Lic # to process by phone. We process checks by phone when making appointment. Credit cards at - Banks/Lenders paying All appraisal fees Monthly, Regardless of loan approval/closing, with accounts established, may pay in that fashion.  

Other lender/brokers may sign payment guarantee/Preliminary invoice, regardless of closing.

Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties and SW FL/Keys through affiliate offices





Campbell & Associates, Appraisal -

2230 SW 139 Av Davie, FL 33325

Ph: 954-476-5079 Fax: 954-476-5079



To:Our Valued Lender/Broker Clients        Re:New Forms, Appraisal Fees and Collection


Please note that due to USPAP changes, we can no longer transfer or assign appraisals. There is a new form for update. We must, at minimum, re-inspect, and research recent sales to determine no decline in value. If value changes, we must do a new appraisal. We appreciate your patience with the new process & FNMAs new rules/forms.


We are working to enable credit card payment on our site, to expedite your transactions. Due to a change in staff, and continuing large number of returned checks, we now take personal checks by phone, through Telecheck. This is the same as writing a good check. Please help borrowers understand its secure. A visit to our site should help.


Previously, we accepted checks in-home with borrowers driver license number. We then called Telecheck for approval. But later, if borrowers decide not to refinance, or change lenders, they sometimes stop payment, or checks dont clear, 5-10 days later. The new system is similar to retail shopping, where the check is put through a machine, (ours is online) and handed back. Account is drafted 24-48 hours later. This expedites service & minimizes follow-up between your office & ours. Less work & liability for you - we pay processing. Appraisal fees are paid by individual borrowers. Your loan fees are higher for larger loans. Please help us educate borrowers to the process, and our collective professionalism.


As we all know, the appraiser is the least paid and is most responsible with regard to mortgage financing and home sales. Records are often in error; especially for older homes, value may vary from area norms, depending on condition, updating, upgrades, etc  - at the same time, we know you sometimes need to know if value estimates are at all realistic.


We value your business and would not quote or shop mortgage origination fees, points, or anything in your scope of work. Thank you for reciprocating that professionalism. This makes the whole transaction more pleasant for the borrower, and adds up to referrals for the real estate agent, mortgage broker, and thus more appraisal work for us. Please give borrowers our site info, so they know were real. FAQs are very helpful. Surveys show informed borrowers shop less. Collateral valuation is crucial to your loan. Would you risk it to save the borrower $25 - 100 on the appraisal - the Smallest cost in the process? Less than 1% of underwriters question our work; experience counts you look better with us on the job!


Our office really wants to do the appraisal as quickly and efficiently as possible, so your transaction closes well, and the borrower is happy. You can help! First, please be clear about the fee.  Some lenders pay appraisal fees. Borrowers may refuse to pay us, thinking you will pay us to get the loan. Again, our fees are the smallest part of loan expense, and weve done pre-site work. Check by phone should resolve that.  Our fee is investment in your loan. When we catch borrowers off-guard because you told them the minimum/standard amount, for a unique or income property, their trust is needlessly eroded. Your comfort level with us & our fees is perceived by your customers, who follow your lead.   


Its best to say something like, The appraiser will contact you to schedule. Youll pay them directly. Fees vary, theyll quote you generally about $350. (theyre pleased when its $325) Our appraisers are licensed and reputable. Theyll do a good job for you.  A recent CNN News segment said fees vary from about $300 to 1,000 & upward, nationwide. The average Basic fee is $400, based on a NAIFA survey quoted. We dont discuss loan fees; we assume yours are typical, like ours. We call you if your borrower has rate/points concerns. It is outside the scope of your work/ethics and ours, to shop each others fees. We offer more than the cut-rate so-called competition. Thats doubtless exactly the case with your loan services, versus bait & switch artists with no good faith at all! Theyre out there so are careless appraisers, with little experience, to our 25 years.  Lets work together & do a good job, for typical market fees.   


Our residential fees for Full (URAR/Condo) start at $325. This is due to widespread lender requirement that the Supervisor /Certified appraiser inspect exterior. This fee now includes that service/signoff. (Please Note that requirement on your request page, whether Calyx, ours or your own form) If supervisor/Licensed appraiser (not Trainee) must inspect interior, the fee starts at $350. Fees above these for basic forms include liability (over $400k value, Few comps, Income forms, acreage, waterfront, re-hab/tear down areas with land value analysis, etc) Please prepare borrowers for higher fee.

Thank you, Doreen, Alan, Adys, Reg, John, Chris & Frank


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Were working to get legislation to double your homestead exemption to $50,000. Please pass this information on to any/all Florida Residents/Voters Anyone can vote, and sign petitions, or write & call government officials to endorse/support lower taxes. Your opinion is important whether you rent or own.   Please click!


The Governor has apparently tried to say that tenants will suffer; this is illogical, and a lame excuse. Obviously, the first investment most of us make is in a primary residence. If we save $500 a year on those taxes, that helps us pay taxes on rental property. I own a rental home The market and competition set rents. They can move if I raise their rent above market Im more likely to do that if the State raises the tax on my residence more or does not provide the tax relief measure over 800,000 Floridians signed a petition to request. Or I may sell, and


Low interest rates translate to more homeowners, fewer tenants. More buyers qualify, rates and payments low. Therefore, more homes sell. Demand means home prices have increased more in the past 2-3 years than ever. Sale prices set taxable value. When homes stay in the same ownership for many years, the benefit of Save Our Homes (cap on tax increases for Homestead property) rules is realized. When they sell, all bets are off and the home is taxed based on sale price. The state, counties & cities are getting Huge revenue increases and can well afford to cut us a tiny bit of extra slack by doubling Homestead exemption.


Ive served on the Value Adjustment Boards of Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties, hearing Tax Appeals cases as a Special Master. I am familiar with ad valorem taxation, and am available for appeals. I saw too many senior citizens unable to pay their taxes I dont buy that the state will go broke from a $500/yr cut. Thats kind of like the story we were sold to get us to go for the Lottery. Then they took away federal funds!