rightMore and more homeowners today choose to sell their homes homes FSBO (For Sale By Owner) foregoing the help of a real estate agent. Selling your home by this method can save you a significant amount.  (industry average is 6% of the home’s sale price). And many FSBO sellers like having more control in the process.   

You no doubt know our local market has changed significantly since 2005, versus the previous 3-4 years of huge value increases. A "Seller's Market" has changed swiftly to the opposite. You need to be informed, educated and focused, whether using a realtor or selling / buying on your own. We can help.

Should you decide to list your home with a realtor, there are facts you should know. The primary reason to use a realtor is to gain exposure through the Multiple Listing Service, where other agents go to find homes for buyers. Once "your" listing agent types your listing into MLS, they've met their obligation; their office gets $9,000 when your home sells at $300,000. Small wonder many agents just take listings, as opposed to showing/selling homes. Tip: There are flat-fee listings available, with fees to selling realtors by percentage; this cuts realtors' fees by about half. You no longer need pay 3% for MLS.  You must be realistic about longer marketing times, or be prepared to take less for your home than you planned - we help with that, too. *

There is also a selling agent; this can be the same person, or another (even you!)who brings the buyer. In the "boom" market we've just experienced, home demand outpaced supply - values increased rapidly, with short market time. Homes were easy to sell - even for new agents; it was not "about" agents' talent or skill as a rule. That said, we recommend you interview & hire experienced agents, on either side. It makes sense that experienced people with a history of performance would do a better job -take personal considerations out of the equation. (friends don't charge friends 3% for listing alone - if they Market your home effectively, they'll find the buyer and get That 3%) Remember, buyers have the advantage now - sell smart if you can.  

*Because: 3,600 homes were listed for sale in our local MLS in April 2006, while only 600 were sold/closed. Most realtors are unaware of that crucial data.  Why? 85% of realtors, mortgage brokers & appraisers in SE Florida have only worked in the extremely unique "boom market" of the past few years. They simply don't Know a Normal market, as experienced people who've "been here" 

You need to be sure your home is marketed properly, at the right price, whether you use a realtor, or "go FSBO". Many of the assumptions most homeowners make (realtors know value, you need a listing agent) are not valid. Experienced Appraisers know value, and provide you with the most vital & reliable service in the home sale or purchase process, for a fraction of realtor & mortgage fees. Buyers are well-advised to be sure they don't overpay now. A few hundred for an independent, experienced appraiser is a bargain in any market, saving buyers & sellers thousands in the process of making very important financial decisions better.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 70% of all homebuyers now use the Internet to search for homes - if yours isn’t on the internet, it should be. And that’s where we can help. Using my websites’ Online Property Presentation feature, I can provide you with a great marketing tool to get your home on the web in front of potential buyers, at a very reasonable cost.

Here’s how it works. You order an appraisal from us via our website.  Once the report is complete, I can publish a summary page of the appraisal to my website (with your permission, of course). A unique webpage URL is created for your property address that you use in all aspects of marketing your home to potential buyers. Your webpage is displayed as a beautiful Flash-animated listing brochure – more high-tech than what most actual real estate agents use to market their listings. Your webpage will also include: 


  • A prominent display of your contact information so potential buyers know how to reach you
  • A Property Details and Property Highlights area to display information like neighborhood demographics, school district, your home’s unique amenities, and any other features about your home you want to highlight
  • A detailed summary of our complete appraisal report and a link for your potential buyers to download it
  • A link to download an online location map so prospects can see exactly where your home is
  • An impressive virtual tour of all the photos of your home contained in our appraisal report 
  • An e-mail link for potential buyers to send your webpage to a friend

You know your home better than anyone. And you know what features to highlight and what features you might want to downplay. So let us help you get the exposure your home deserves.