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We were working in the past few years to get legislation to Reduce Property Taxes! Florida got the additional Homestead Please pass this information on to any/all Florida Residents/Voters. Anyone can vote, and sign petitions, or write & call government officials to endorse/support lower taxes. Your opinion is important whether you rent or own.


The Governor promised significant insurance relief, and it was not much.... Let's Make NOISE so that Real relief in taxes results. People are leaving FL because of taxes and insurance costs.  


The Boom Effect: Low interest rates translate to more homeowners, fewer tenants. More buyers qualify, rates and payments low - So more homes sell. Demand means home prices have increased more in the past 2-3 years than ever. Sale prices set taxable value. When homes stay in the same ownership for many years, the benefit of Save Our Homes (cap on tax increases for Homestead property) is realized. When they sell, all bets are off and the home is taxed based on sale price. The state, counties & cities are getting Huge revenue increases and can well afford to cut our tax bill now. 


Here's How YOU Can Help Fight High Property Taxes in Florida: Gets you to Your officials (by zipcode)

PLEASE send a letter about property taxes, such as the one I sent: - AND Forward to your Entire Email List – I’m sure other states need help too!

I'm appalled as a Florida resident and voter, at the very high taxes we now pay. This must be resolved quickly, and with Meaningful and Significant relief to Floridians.

An all-time Record number of homes changed hands in recent boom years, and our millage rates went down Very Slightly. What happened to All that extra money, BILLIONS more than the state, counties and cities had to work with in years past?! When was the paltry sum of $25,000 set as Homestead Exemption? What was our median home value then? We were meant to pay tax on Less than Half our home's value! That number is dismally outdated. Blanket figures are unfair.

I've seen several proposals, including a significant increase in sales tax. Also a proposed is a "roll-back" of millage rates to 2003-04 levels. This is Grossly Misleading! Most Floridians Assume "roll-back" to mean Decrease. Millage rates were HIGHER in 2003-04 - it's Assessments or Valuations that were lower then. When the public is told government will "roll back" taxes, we imagine a Real Benefit to us!

There was also a proposal out there recently in the news that makes more sense and Provides More relief, Badly needed for our real estate market to revive. Millions of
Florida jobs are dependent on Real Estate. America’s overall economy is about 40% dependent on Housing. This is not limited to builders/developers, realtors and mortgage people. Those who sell every type of product needed by homeowners also live or die by the housing market. Furniture, carpeting, utilities, lawn & pool care…. Think about it - this is a huge impact. When Florida's taxes cause people to leave, EVERY Floridian suffers.

The plan I favor, and that which is most logical, is a sliding scale, where half of the first $200,000 assessed value is exempt. This gives the biggest relief to the Entry-level market, where it's needed most. The Next value range gets a smaller percent exempted, and the amount over $750,000 is taxable. Similar to income tax structure, this is more equitable. States with income tax pay very little property tax. We Don't Want a state income tax - our current practice attracts people to
Florida. However, our property tax insanity, and insurance rates, have driven them Away in recent years. Save Our Homes also should be permanent. Once a home is on the tax rolls for a year, its taxable value should Not increase radically. More homes Still means more tax dollars. Those in rural areas don’t get a break for the lack of water & sewer services, nor do non-parents get out of school taxes. We all pay for all our communities’ services, but we shouldn’t pay ‘corruption and greed tax.’ (see below)

We must reverse this trend, for the good of all Floridians, whether or Not they own property, for the greater Economy's sake. Agricultural and other business has suffered due to the huge increase in property values. Imagine trying to make a farm, retirement home, group home or other assisted living profitable, when Real Estate costs so much more than pre-boom... Benefits for residents of assisted living facilities have not increased - premiums for long-term care and other insurance Have increased - Health Care costs have Increased. Net Floridian Income is Down, due to increases in taxes, insurance and the Cost of buying a Home. How then, can we Help our elderly/handicapped family members get Quality care? Not here in
South Florida – Where in Florida has real estate Decreased in value in the past 10 years? Nowhere.

Certainly, we don't need to Mislead Floridians by using the term "roll-back" when in fact, it Negates much of the proposed relief and increases sales tax more than necessary. It's very sad that
Florida's real estate boom brought out the Greed in so many. In just Two Florida counties, Miami-Dade and Broward, Seven of our municipalities had public officials INDICTED in ONE YEAR, 2006, alone. How many other cities and counties were ripped off? This was After the end of the boom. How much corruption and crime at the municipal, county and state level went undetected??  WE paid that bill, with Windfall property tax money.

Please help to set this right, with Real tax relief, to stimulate our state’s endangered economy.

Doreen Campbell – Appraiser and Real Estate Instructor/Consultant Ph: 954-476-5085 – Fax: 954-476-5079 – Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Bch, Martin & St Lucie Counties, SE Florida. Quality Appraisal, Inspection, Analysis and Real Estate Consulting – Commercial & Residential – For Over 25 Years – Bilingual

Please Invite Us to Address Your Church, HOA or other Group to

Help us All Fight for Tax Relief! - And Register to Vote Today

I have served on the Value Adjustment Boards of Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties, hearing Tax Appeals cases as a Special Master. I am familiar with ad valorem taxation, and am available for appeals. I saw too many senior citizens unable to pay their taxes I dont buy that the state will go broke from a $500/yr cut. Thats kind of like the story we were sold to get us to go for the Lottery. Then they took away federal funds!

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